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Recruiting is all about relationships.  For over 30 years, I have forged relationships with players, coaches, and parents alike.  I have been fortunate enough to consider all my teammates and the student-athletes that have played for me over the years as part of my extended family.  I was lucky enough to have the most amazing collegiate experience as both a student-athlete and as a coach and it is my mission to provide the potential for that kind of experience for my clients.  

Throughout the years as an NCAA Division 1 Head Coach, there were hundreds of prospects that crossed my path that did not play for me.  However, I helped many of these prospects secure a spot in a program that was appropriate for them either academically or athletically that I couldn't guarantee them.  As a result, I have sustained many of these friendly relationships over the years.  

Whether the goal is to find the best possible coach and program where you can contribute, excel, and play to your potential or to use athletics in order to gain admissions to a "reach" school, I can assist you in your endeavors.  In this modern era of college admissions, using athletics as a means of distinguishing yourself from the rest of the pack as a means to get admitted to highly academic institutions can be a critical part of the recruiting process. 

I can help your prospect find the best possible fit for both you and the college of your choosing for a mutually beneficial first-rate college experience.  I can provide extensive knowledge of NCAA recruiting rules and initial elibility requirements and provide guidance on navigating the extremely complicated recruiting process.  With my extensive background and contacts, I can streamline the recruiting process and make personal contact with coaches to gain you the exposure you want.  I can provide guidance on how to get a coach to notice and read your emails and watch your videos, based on my 17 years as an NCAA Division 1 Head Coach.

There is no question that you can do this on your own.  However, I have spent countless hours assembling up-to-date databases and forging relationships with coaches that will respond, almost immediately, my calls or emails.  Why spend and waste countless hours, days, and months trying to figure out the process when I can provide certain shortcuts and access to coaches. This is why I've embarked on this journey---to help others find the same amazing experience that I was fortunate to have.