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First Serve Consulting

Frequently asked questions

why did first serve consulting come to be?

Patty Fendick-McCain has had a passion for collegiate athletics for over 30 years. After being asked by friends and others seeking help and advice about college recruiting and collegiate athletics, she decided to take on the exciting challenge of matching prospects with the right tennis program.  She is putting her years of experience, her contacts, her relationships with everyone in collegiate athletics from coaches, to compliance coordinators, to administrators to the great benefit of prospects who want assistance.

What are the benefits of using First Serve Consulting, LLC?

Because Patty Fendick-McCain is the most highly qualified person to help you in your search for the right program.  She is the only one out there who has played college tennis & coached college tennis who is helping put recruits together with the right program for them. It's been her mission for nearly 20 years to find the right match for prospects, whether they've played for her or needed assistance in finding the right program beyond her squad. Now she's using her talents and experience to help you in your search to find the perfect college match.

What makes FSC different from the large recruiting companies?

The majority of companies that are helping place prospects in college programs were designed to place football, basketball, and baseball prospects. The profiles and videos they produce don't answer the question tennis or golf coaches need answered. Not only does Patty Fendick-McCain have access to a massive database of coaches, she understands how to assess your prospect's academic & athletic needs to find that perfect match. There's a personal touch with a foundation of years of relationships, instead of a "cookie cutter profile" and a random email blast in an attempt to gain attention.

when should i start the recruiting process?

Sophomore year is a great time to start thinking about colleges and about starting the process. Because the rules are so different between the different divisions with regards to recruiting rules, it's great to get a jump on things if you are considering NCAA Division II.

how can i justify the cost of paying for this help?

Patty Fendick-McCain dedicates hours and hours of research to finding the right program for your prospect. Her experience with knowing the majority of the college programs and their reputations, as well as the athletic & academic requirements of specific universities and programs for prospects can be a big time saver for prospects and their families. Scholarships can total into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and for the investment in her services, she has the ability to find scholarships to help defray or even pay for the cost of a college degree. The amount spent on having someone with her experience streamline the process can result in a first-class, exciting adventure, rather than an overwhelming, and often, frustrating experience.  In the long run, you will save time and money by having someone assist you in focusing your efforts on the right programs for your child. 

What if i'm not trying to earn a scholarship but want to use my athletic skills to gain admittance to an elite university?

There are prospects out there who want to play at an Ivy school or a highly academic school. Tennis or a sport can set you apart from all of the other highly qualified candidates. Patty Fendick-McCain has a lot of experience understanding the nuances of financial packages that "non-athletic scholarship" schools offer to prospects. She can help you get recruited and "tagged" in the admissions process by the schools that you are academically qualified for.

how do i know where to start?

It's about matching your child's talents to the right program. It all starts with knowing the NCAA Eligibility and Recruiting rules and how to get your child recruited by the right programs.  Patty Fendick-McCain's years and years of experience with NCAA Rules can help assist you right from the very start to the end of your search.

I am a foreign prospect & I want to try to play tennis in the u.s.

Patty Fendick-McCain has over 17 years of experience with the NCAA Amateurism rules, as well as the NCAA Academic Eligibility rules for many different countries and can help you navigate the complicated process of getting recruited by the right programs. She is set up with Skype, Facebook, and other media outlets to help walk you through the process.  She's been Skyping around the world for years with prospects and their families!

Should my child be going to a big Ncaa Division i program or would they be better off at a smaller program?

This is a great question and, often, I find that prospects THINK they want one thing and then end up realizing that something else is a much better fit for them and provides them with a much better college experience. This is why I can assist you in discovering what would be best for your child, every step of the way.

what is the difference between ncaa division i, ii, iii, naia, and juco?

There are many differences between the different divisions, and even amongst same divisions.  The recruiting rules are vastly different between the divisions.  The playing and practice schedule and the amount of hours you have with a coach on court is very different between the divisions.  The academic requirements are very different.  Collegiate athletics and recruiting is a very complicated process in this era.

i don't live in austin, can first serve consulting still help me?

Absolutely! Patty Fendick-McCain is available for consultations via Skype or phone, whatever best suits your needs. A lot of the documents that need to be secured are handled electronically in this day and age and Patty Fendick-McCain is equipped to meet the demands of modern technology.

what is the skills assessment/training aspect?

Patty Fendick-McCain is a Grand Slam Champion and NCAA Division 1 National Coach of the Year. She has been able to assess ability and talent easily and quickly from years of scouting both opponents and recruits. She can help you cut through the "putting bandaids over bleeding arteries" approach to tennis coaching and assessment with a realistic, logical, technical, natural approach to the game that will challenge you and make sense for you. She does limit her on-court time to special clients beyond the initial assessment that is part of her consulting packages.

what about videos?  does First Serve consulting help with those?

Absolutely!  In fact, one of Patty Fendick-McCain's pet peeves is the huge recruiting company approach to overpriced, fabricated videos that end up in coaches' DELETE folders on email or in the trash bin.  Patty Fendick-McCain can help you produce a video that coaches will watch and will help them assess your skills and help you to get recruited by the coach and program that you want.